Alena Šeredová is the new ambassador of RECLAR (1 min. reading)

Alena Šeredová is a model with the title I.vicemiss of Czech Republic, a moderator and an actress of Czech origin. Alena is living in Italy for many years, where she became a discovery on local television and won several awards in 2002. She also played the lead role in a successful comedy on the stage of the Italian theatre and starred in several films. She is the mother of two sons and one daughter. Her naturalness and authenticity charmed us as much as her beautiful smile.

What led you to modeling at a young age?

It was all rather accidental. I never thought of it myself. A few times I met a scout on the street who approached me and I started thinking about it.

Did you feel confident on the catwalk and in front of the camera from the beginning, or did you have to work on your confidence, or in what way?

I've always been quite shy. I generally feel better when working where it's in plain sight - a fashion show, a live broadcast. Feeling like I only have one shot can push me to give my best. I don't have time to think about it too much.

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

Appreciate what I have and don't find fault with myself. I mean, especially with regard to the physical side. At 20, I wasn't happy with my "super body" and I was always looking for flaws in it. Now I don't have half as good a figure, but I'm glad for it. And today, I'm also sure I could manage to combine modeling with going to college. I would appreciate that today, but it wasn't a priority for me before.

What's your favourite thing about yourself?

Honesty. I don't have to remember what lie or excuse I told someone.

You've lived in Italy for some time. What was it like for you to move to a foreign country and start a new life there?

I love it. If I didn't have a family, I would go to a foreign country again and start over.

You have been living in Italy for some time. What was it like for you to move to a foreign country and start a new life there?

I love it. If I didn't have a family, I would go to a foreign country again and start over.

What is your favourite thing about Italy? And is there anything you miss there compared to the Czech Republic?

What I like about Italy is the diversity of nature. When you go from the north to the south, it's like you've arrived in another country. But you're still at home. Torino is strategically located. In an hour you're in the mountains and you can ski. But an hour in the other direction, you're by the beautiful sea. It's great. I miss a lot of things about the Czech Republic - the food, the friends, the family. And a bit of the Czech way of life and tradition. Although I've lived in Italy longer than in the Czech Republic. And in fact, almost all my adult life I've been in Italy, I still have the "Czech way of life" in me. That's also why I love coming back to Prague so much.

You come back to the Czech Republic regularly, what do you always look forward to the most?

A well-made beer. Nowhere else can do that.

How do you manage to combine work and motherhood? And what advice would you give to parents who want to get back into the workforce?

To be honest, I don't think I can give much advice on that. I'm freelance, I can do everything as and when I want and it's really much easier. I don't have any regular work commitments.

What does happiness mean to you in life?

For me, it's a time when everything in my life feels good. You don't even know why, but you feel very good and you smile all the time. And the moment when people around you start noticing that because it takes it out of you, that's when I experience the ultimate happiness.

You look fabulous, how do you look after your physical and mental health?

Thank you. I go to all my checkups. I eat healthy - which is much easier for me in Italy than in the Czech Republic because of the availability and variety of fresh food. I don't smoke and never have, I do pilates, go to the gym and occasionally have a glass of red wine for my blood cells and mental health :).

Do you have a particular skincare ritual that you perform regularly?

Part of my ritual has always been an honest makeup removal. It's the foundation of everything. I've only incorporated other products (creams, eye creams, serums) as I've gotten older and I still have room for improvement. Lately though, my nightstand has changed a lot. Before I go to bed, I watch TV while slathering my nails with oil, doing a mask, using a Reclar peeler, etc. I don't do it every day, but 3 times a week for sure.

What else do you do to keep your skin fresh and youthful?

I go for bio-vitalization as needed - vitamin injections into my face, neck and décolletage. I usually do this about twice a year. This, combined with quality creams and using Reclar, has worked very well for me. I tried botox before my wedding, but I guess it's not for me. I prefer natural beauty. I still want to be me.

We're so glad you've decided to become our brand ambassador. What convinced you to make this decision?

I've used the Reclar peeler before. I got it from a friend about 10 years ago and I was very happy with it. I like Asian cosmetics in general, I trust them. I really liked the whole project and that's why I agreed to it. It promotes natural beauty and that's what's needed these days. And now I see that my teenage sons have also taken a liking to it, and they cleanse their skin with it. I am very happy about that too.