I am very pleased with the peeler or, as I call it, my “little spatula“. I got it from my mom on my birthday and I must say that is it very good! At first, I didn’t actually trust it that much, as I’ve tried almost everything else. But I must admit that not only I myself can see an improvement, but my surroundings and beautician who I regularly visit noticed it too. So I am really satisfied. Thanks a lot! 

Tereza Říhová

I bought a Reclar thanks to the Beauty by Katty recommendation, whom I consider an expert in the field of skin care. I don’t have any regrets. It is my assistant for every evening routine for my mature skin (it applies the serum deep into the skin incredibly well, and even when a small pimple appears on my skin every now and then it heals much better and faster). Reclar is also very light, in contrast to other galvanic irons. I won’t hear a word against it.

Romana Musilova

I bought the ultrasonic spatula for my daughter and me. We both are very pleased after these three months. The skin is clean and the spatula reduces wrinkles. And what's more, we even saved some money that would otherwise be spent on visits to cosmetic salons. Great satisfaction and I do recommend this product. Further, I like that I don’t need to use other special products with it.

Zuzana Hansmannová

I have used a Reclar spatula daily since the purchase in April 2019. I don’t regret that till now, I am absolutely satisfied and I’ve never had my skin this clean (in my 44 years of age) and smoothed without damaging. All of the products I use for my skin can now be applied much more easily and they naturally have an even better effect. My skin is almost like after a professional cosmetic treatment, and I’m not exaggerating. I do still sometimes have acne but thanks to the spatula it heals quite quickly - even on my neck where sometimes a painful hypodermal bulge occurs – it does not broaden and instead quickly disappears. After the application, while using a spatula with the serum, the skin is formidably soft and seems rejuvenated in the morning – making the use of make-up really easy. I can recommend it, I was a bit afraid prior to the purchase but I don’t regret it even for a second. It does everything they claim it should do. Usually it sells on its own, which is good. But, of course, the Beauty by Katty review helped as well.

Pavlina Slovackova

Simplicity, effectivity, professional level of the application and effects. I would recommend using this product while travelling, when one does not have time and space for the professional care of a beautician or dermatologist. It is a compact and effective assistant.

Daniela Novakova

I use Reclar ultrasound peeler once a week for peeling, then for serum incorporation. After peeling, the skin is beautifully smooth and the serum can work beautifully. This spatula will replace my beautician visits. You have to wait for the result. 

Gabriela Kralova

I do recommend this product, I’ve had some try-outs at the cosmetic salons – not successful ones. But RECLAR has finally helped make my wrinkles fade away. 

Mirka Hajkova

I ordered an Reclar ultrasonic spatula in April this year and since the day it was delivered I use it both in the morning and the evening. I only use the peeling once or twice in two weeks, but I’ve been using the blue and red light in the mornings and the evenings. I bought the device to heal some of the problems on my skin and after regularly using the blue light and subsequently the red light, I can see the results. The long soft lines that appeared on my forehead after my thirties are now gone, thanks to the regular application of the serum and mask. I also see an improvement in the area around the eyes, where I especially use red light. The soft lines are also basically gone. When buying I was considering at first whether the investment will, with regards to the price, pay off – but now, after some time has passed, I can see that I made the right decision. The device is easily managed, light, and I have absolutely no complaints regarding its functionality. I also rate the battery endurance after charging positively. Further, I appreciate the services that the company offers – all of my questions have been promptly dealt with, either by phone or by e-mail, even though I must confess that I did have a lot of questions. 

Monika Mrlinova

I am thrilled and can recommend this product! He can work in the cream or serum super well and what is most important - the fine wrinkles disappear and the deeper ones become finer.  

Iva Pechovicova

Very good and really functioning product, reliable seller. 


After purchasing and trying Reclar ultrasonic peeling, I can only recommend this product. Not only me, but also my husband's peeler perfectly cleansed the skin and then incorporated the serum well into the skin, so that it was then beautifully nourished and fresh. 

Monika Ňaršanská

I discovered Reclar thanks to Kate (Beauty by Katty), the spatula is just great – light – I can use it very quickly ☺. I actively use all of the modes (Peeling, G-blue, G-red) and my skin is much better (combined, sensible). 

Šárka Maternová

I use Reclar five times a week and I alternate between or combine peeling, blue and red light. The results are incredible, my pores are genuinely cleansed, even though I will need to work a bit more on them. The photodynamic therapy is very pleasant and effective as well – after the blue light, the zits fade away, while the red light irons out the soft lines and wrinkles. If you’re still not sure whether you should buy the device, well, I can recommend it in good conscience. After you buy it, you won’t understand how you could live without it. 

Erika Fabiánová

I bought it for my girlfriend and she is very pleased.

Jan Dostal

I am enthused 🤩 I’ve been using this product for a week and the results are already visible … as I have a really problematic skin. 😉

Kateřina Hartych