Harper's Bazaar Award for Reclar's Re-Balancing Peeling Water (2 min of reading)

With immense joy, we would like to share some great news with you. In November, Reclar achieved the honor of winning an award from Harper's Bazaar's Pro-Aging Beauty Awards. Our Re-Balancing Peeling Water secured the title of Best Peeling and was also recognized as the Discovery of the Year. 

Harper's Bazaar, originally an American fashion magazine first published in 1867, is known for its philosophy of publishing sophisticated, elegant, and trendy content in the field of fashion, beauty, and art. Annually, the printed November edition features a summary of winners who have received the prestigious Pro-Aging Beauty Awards by Harper's Bazaar. Currently, these awards are presented in fifteen different categories, ranging from perfumes to makeup. In the Czech edition of the magazine, Reclar with its Re-Balancing Peeling Water, not only secured a place among the top four peeling products but also surprised the editorial team enough to be honored as the Discovery of the Year.

The editors of Harper's Bazaar identified a common trend in the peeling category: "Smoothing the skin's surface is increasingly accompanied by ingredients that simultaneously calm the skin." Our winning peeling water is no exception, featuring a range of soothing ingredients such as green tea, chamomile, frankincense, rosemary, aloe vera, and more. The Re-Balancing Peeling Water not only rids the skin of dead cells but also protects it from irritation and dryness. Based on a natural formula, this peeling water helps the skin create a natural protective layer, is gentle on the skin, and is suitable for even more sensitive skin types.

During application, it effectively cleanses pores, where impurities tend to accumulate, smoothes the skin, and improves its elasticity. Elastic skin appears naturally younger and helps prevent the formation of wrinkles. You can use our peeling water either on its own or, for even greater effectiveness, combine it with the use of the Reclar Peeler - ultrasonic peeling device. This product is sure to be appreciated by those combating blackheads, acne, and dry skin. In combination with the Peeler device, the entire process is enhanced, cleaning even deeper layers and inside pores, removing all impurities and dead cells.

We sincerely thank the entire Harper's Bazaar editorial team for trying our peeling water and providing an objective evaluation. We are so grateful for receiving this award and ready to celebrate!

Try this little peeling miracle yourself, and read more about its additional effects right here.