Reclar Peeler Plus Triumphs at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2024: How the Peeler Benefited Our Voters? (2 min reading)

It is with great pleasure and pride that we share this joyous news with you. Our most popular product, the Reclar Peeler Plus 24K Gold, has won the prestigious Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2024 in the skincare tools category. This award, received multiple times, reaffirms its position as a market leader once again this year. This success is even more valuable to us because the winners of this competition are chosen by consumers themselves. We thank you, our loyal customers, for your support and trust, which serves as an endless motivation and recognition that we deeply appreciate.

The Ritual Peeler Reclar Plus 24K Gold is the result of years of research and continuous improvement of ever-evolving technologies. This advanced device utilizes a combination of ultrasonic peeling, LED light therapy, and galvanization, providing comprehensive care for your skin. The 24-karat gold head not only offers a luxurious appearance but also numerous health benefits for your skin. Although the market for cosmetic devices is constantly expanding, the Reclar Peeler stands out with its versatility. It is suitable for all skin types, and its benefits are praised by everyone in the household, from young teenagers dealing with acne to fathers enjoying the firming effects on their skin.

What Do Our Customers Say About the Device?

Michaela S.: "I am thrilled with the results of this device. My skin has never looked better. Not only has the texture improved, but the overall appearance of my skin has also. The Reclar Peeler Plus 24K Gold is now an integral part of my daily beauty ritual."

Kate: "I recently tried the RECLAR peeler with ultrasonic peeling and light therapy, and the results absolutely amazed me! The customer support was fantastic, answering all my questions, and the delivery was swift and secure with detailed instructions. The peeler smoothed and brightened my complexion, healed my acne, and gave my skin a radiant glow. I am thrilled with how youthful and healthy my skin looks."

Anna K.: "I have been using the Reclar Peeler Plus 24K Gold for several months now, and the results are amazing. My skin is smoother, firmer, and the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth have visibly diminished. Additionally, I appreciate the easy use and elegant design of the device."

Marketa: "I have been using the RECLAR hypoallergenic galvanic peeler and light therapy - gold since May 2020. My skin has improved, and the painful blemishes have stopped appearing. Even if a pimple does show up occasionally, it disappears quickly thanks to the device. I regret not discovering this miracle sooner. I used it twice a day for about six months, now just once. Once a week, I do a peeling and a sheet mask. I am delighted with the results!"

Leny: "I love that I can perform such advanced beauty-tech procedures at home by myself. I was a little worried if I would use it correctly, but it is really very easy. Moreover, it's great to have such an effective and regular beauty routine and give my skin everything it needs to heal and rejuvenate without having to leave the house and depend on an appointment."

Tereza: "The peeler is used by the whole family. It helped my younger daughter with acne, this ingenious advanced device rid me of open pores, and I use it to smooth my husband's forehead wrinkles. I can only recommend it; this investment has definitely paid off."

The Peeler Plus 24K Gold is designed to provide results comparable to those from professional cosmetic salons, right in the comfort of your home. This innovative device is ideal for anyone seeking youthful, radiant, and healthy skin without the need for invasive procedures. Thanks to its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, the peeler is suitable even for sensitive skin. We thank all of you who have been supporting us for a long time; we deeply appreciate your feedback and are delighted that you are with us as the brand evolves. We look forward to your further experiences :).