Good product and fast delivery.  Low price.  I'm happy.

Irina Kr.

It's great 🙂🙂🙂

Hana Weinbergerova

Product is great. Delivery is very quickly. Thank you for your job.


Perfect device, much better than cheaper brands! Very good service and fast delivery.


Nice product, very quick delivery, it was well packed. The peeler does what it is supposed to do, however I haven't noticed much of a difference on my skin, but I am only using it for two weeks, maybe it takes more time to see the improvements. One thing that I find confusing though, is that the picture on the website advertises that one will receive 5 masks along with the peeler. I have only received the peeler, I contacted customer service, but haven't received any answer. So maybe this moment should be better addressed on the website not to confuse customers. Overall, I like the product and will definitely continue using it.

Galina Sokir

I love it. Reclar is my best friend now. My skin is young and fine.

Marie Sykorova

I highly recommend everything

Renata Plackova

After using for a week or so, I see a positive effect on my skin. Very happy with the purchase.

Daria Krstev

The device works wonderfully, I can already see its effect on my face. I have a problem with pimples and since using it it's getting less and less every day.

Mariya Zotkina

Perfect control, premeditated charging with blind flange, easy to clean, elegant design – “fits exactly into my hand”. Skin cleaning: the combination of spatula and blue mode helps unbelievably speed the maturation of inflamed spots and their further healing (I’m talking about one week of repeated gouging compared to two days of cleansing, treatment and subsequent after-treatment), I use the red mode for shorter-time occasions for more prominent results, and still have a feeling of a great application of the cosmetics onto the skin and utilization of their maximal potential. I apply the treatment with gold and this device supplements it perfectly. I recommend applying the lotion in a spray repeatedly for higher effectiveness (even during the treatment).

Ivana Blažková

Both of my ordered products have arrived soon after the order was placed, and in an undamaged cover. The shipping to Germany took about three days and to Prague one day. I give it a thumbs up and my recommendation.

Natalia Kudinova

It is agreat product, I am very satisfied.

Olga Vasiljeva

I discovered Reclar thanks to Kate (Beauty by Katty), the spatula is just great – light – I can use it very quickly ☺. I actively use all of the modes (Peeling, G-blue, G-red) and my skin is much better (combined, sensible).

Šárka Maternová

I purchased the product based on the Beauty by Katty recommendation and even though I expected that the peeler would be a good helper in skincare, I feel the word “good” here needs to be replaced to “outstanding”. I am even considering a purchase of the “Magic finger” device, based on how great my experience with this product was. Once more, I commend you and I wish you all the best! 

Ingrid Kadel

I am very pleased with the peeler or, as I call it, my “little spatula“. I got it from my mom on my birthday and I must say that is it very good! At first, I didn’t actually trust it that much, as I’ve tried almost everything else. But I must admit that not only I myself can see an improvement, but my surroundings and beautician who I regularly visit noticed it too. So I am really satisfied. Thanks a lot! 

Tereza Rihova