Serums and Masks: 5 tips to maximise their effects

Are you affected by tired, grey and lifeless skin? Hydrating and brightening serums and masks can get your skin back in to form and this article will provide tips on how to choose the correct products and maximise their effects. We’ll tell you how!

Tip 1: Choose the right mask for your skin

There are plenty of masks available on the market. How do you choose the right one? First, determine what you expect from the product and what is your skin lacking. Then, examine the contents of each mask and it will come naturally!

If your skin is dry, we recommend choosing a hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate. These substances deeply hydrate your skin  and leave it fresh and nourished. Thanks to their moisturising effects, they also significantly reduce wrinkles and overall rejuvenate your skin. You can say goodbye to unpleasant lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth.

If you suffer from acne or rashes, your mask should include an anti-inflammatory ingredient. This can be, for example, niacinamide which is also used for medicinal purposes. It fights inflammation, blackheads and even nodular acne. Regular use of a mask containing niacinamide can provide relief and make your skin healthier and more beautiful.

Is your skin almost perfect but you still have the feeling that it needs rejuvenating and brightening? Check to see if your mask contains natural herbal extracts as these will reward your skin with vitality and freshness which all of us need from time to time.

What type of mask should you choose? There are many different products, for example, thick creams, peel-off masks or paste-like black or other coloured masks. Today’s  trend are  so-called canvas masks which are  easy to use – you just apply directly to your face and after several minutes (varies from mask to mask ), rinse  off and you’re done.

Tip 2: Find yourself a serum with loaded content

We trust you’ve successfully chosen your mask and also recommend choosing a quality serum for best results. Is a serum   necessary and why aren’t masks and creams sufficient? We’ll tell you everything about the effects of utilising a cosmetic serum below.

Serums usually contain a high concentration of active substances which help your skin regenerate more quickly. Like masks, they provide deep skin hydration  and rid the skin of wrinkles. Thanks to high concentrations of active substances, serums can achieve results faster than creams or masks and as such, serve as a great supplement to them. They are mostly light coating, which is absorbed gradually and can be used, for example, under night cream.

Watch for ingredients described above as are usually in both masks and serums. You can never go wrong with sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide and natural extracts. Another fantastic element   in serums is adenosine. Adenosine improves the elasticity of your skin and supports the effects of other rejuvenating substances. That’s why it shouldn’t be absent from your new serum.

Maybe you’ve already tried a couple of great masks or serums but did not feel or notice any difference in your skin. So, what’s up? The issue may be that the products did not penetrate the skin deeply enough. It would be a shame to spend money on good quality cosmetics and not have it absorb properly. Here are three things you can do to improve the absorption of your mask or serum.

Tip 3: Apply masks and serums on perfectly cleansed skin

This first rule may seem obvious, but it is not always the case. Even though you conscientiously remove your make-up daily with a make-up remover, your skin could be suffering from clogged pores. Natural sebum gets into the pores and cannot be cleansed with regular cleaning.

Perhaps, you are going to have a deep cleanse at a beauty parlour and so you think this may not apply to you. Be honest, how often do you find time to visit a beauty parlour? As little as 2 weeks is enough time for the pores to become clogged again. Regularity is key.

If you happen to neglect visits to your beauty parlour, you can try home cleansing. Beware, however, of squeezing your skin as it can hurt it more rather than be beneficial. Fortunately, there are devices for home cleansing, such as RECLAR ultrasound peeler, which  effectively rids your skin of all impurities.

Tip 4: Support the absorption of cosmetic products with galvanisation

Your skin is perfectly cleansed and ready for a serum or mask application. Now, you also have another option on how to improve the effects of your quality cosmetic products and that is with the use of galvanic therapy. What does it have to offer and what are its effects?

Galvanisation sends a direct micro-current straight into the skin stimulating the cells. Galvanic therapy thus supports the deep absorption of cosmetic products into your skin. The current gets deep into the dermis layer where collagen and elastin are produced. Galvanisation helps nourish the skin from within and rejuvenate it.

The RECLAR peelercan be used for  galvanic therapy because not only  does it perform  ultrasound peeling and galvanisation, it also treats your skin with red and blue light. You can read everything about light therapy in our other blog post.

Tip 5: Ionise your skin regularly

Our skin always has a positive charge due to cations. Ionisation creates negative ions which act as a magnet in contact with our skin and significantly increases its absorption abilities. Cosmetic products are, thanks to ionisation, absorbed more deeply into the skin and thus effectively utilising all their benefits. For ionising your skin, you can use the  RECLAR ION Mistionising spray.

Therefore, you are now equipped with the knowledge on how to fight dry skin and achieve a beautiful and nourished complexion. If you regularly use and follow the tips provided, you can look forward to beautiful and rejuvenated skin within a couple of weeks!