Thirty women evaluated Reclar's Love Mode hydrating masks on the Bety.cz online magazine, awarding them a 97% rating in total, placing the masks among the most successful products ever tested. "Super composition," "pleasant scent," "I can feel how soft and hydrated my skin is," or "I was very pleasantly surprised, I didn't expect such a result," are just snippets of the feedback. Comments from independent testers were filled with enthusiasm, amazement at their pleasant texture, and surprise at the immediate results.

In collaboration with online magazine Bety.cz, we sent our Love Mode hydrating masks to their independent testers. What was their experience? And how did applying this mask affect the appearance of their skin? Let's take a closer look together. Bety.cz is a Czech online lifestyle magazine that understands all women. It focuses on health, beauty, fashion, relationships, family, and home. Reclar participated in product testing with Love Mode ritual masks. Bety magazine selected thirty independent testers over the age of 30, who had the opportunity to rejuvenate their skin with the serum infused in our Love Mode hydrating sheet mask. Women with various skin types were deliberately chosen. Some women reported issues with acne, others with wrinkles or open pores.

There are already many hydrating masks on the market nowadays, but we find a significant difference in their composition. Hydrating ritual mask Love Mode by Reclar is a sheet mask that stands out for its unique composition containing a high percentage of natural healing substances. The serum with which the mask is infused contains, for example, rosemary, thyme, lavender, and oregano, which have anti-inflammatory effects. The specially developed serum boasts an unprecedentedly high percentage of hyaluronic acid, which ensures elasticity and minimizes the formation of wrinkles. The composition also includes a significant portion of niacinamide (or vitamin B3), which tightens pores and reduces sebum production. The ritual mask Love Mode is sold in a package of 5 pieces.

Do you wish for a more youthful appearance of your skin? "Believe that it cannot be easier," introduced the editorial team of Love Mode hydrating masks. The instructions for use are very simple. Clean your face, take this little miracle out of the package, place it on your face, and just press lightly on the edges. The mask should hold well on the face and is large enough even for a male face shape. After removing the mask, massage the remaining serum into the skin and let the healing ingredients absorb.

97 percent in overall rating and five stars is a great result that reflects the quality of the composition more than many laboratory tests. However, the greatest joy was brought by the testers' own evaluation, where they stated how the mask impacted their skin and the pleasure it brought them: "Testing the Korean ritual mask Reclar was very pleasant and relaxing. The mask is stored in an easily openable pouch. The sheet mask is richly infused with serum. I used the mask on a properly cleansed face for 20 minutes. I enjoyed this time relaxing. After removing the mask, I lightly tapped the remaining serum into the skin. After a short time, the serum absorbed, leaving no greasy film. The skin is sufficiently nourished, hydrated, soothed, enlarged pores reduced. The skin feels very pleasant to the touch. Skin imperfections significantly improved after the mask. I found no cons," wrote tester Eva.

Most women involved in the testing agreed that the mask applies very well, fits beautifully on the face, and the serum with which it is infused is very pleasant. Testers also stated that the masks have a pleasant herbal scent and that the sheet mask holds well on the face, so you can move freely after its application. A large number of testers stated that they were very pleasantly surprised by the results and the mask exceeded their expectations like no other. After removing the mask from the face, according to their words, the serum works beautifully into the face, and its texture is very pleasant. After application, all women praised that their skin became beautifully soft and gentle to the touch. "Although the mask was richly infused with cream, the skin absorbed everything and by the next day my red spots, which have been bothering me lately, disappeared. Overall, the skin was pleasant to the touch and radiant. I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't expect such a result. I recommend the mask, I will definitely buy another package myself," wrote one of the testers.

We are sincerely happy that the strong points of this product overwhelmingly prevailed in the evaluation. A high percentage of women stated that they found no weak points in the hydrating masks to mention. Among the cons, the higher price was sometimes mentioned, which, however, reflects the high-quality and effective composition. A few testers stated that after a few minutes of application, their skin started to tingle slightly, which, according to clinical studies, is a completely natural skin reaction to active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or niacinamide (vitamin B3). These are activating ingredients that trigger biochemical processes in the skin, and therefore people with very sensitive or irritated skin may feel a slight tingling for a few minutes, but according to testers, this really stopped after a few minutes. The skin thus began to react with healing ingredients such as adenosine, rosemary, or lavender. Most testers gave the same response as tester Veronika: "I found no cons."

We would like to thank Bety.cz magazine for facilitating the objective testing of our Love Mode ritual masks. Thank you to all the testers involved for the attached photos and for sharing their valuable personal experience, read all the review comments here.

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