The magic of ionization: How does Ion mist spray work?

You have probably already heard about the miraculous effects of ION Mist spray. ION Mist is different than ordinary skin fresheners. It ionises your skin, deeply hydrates it, and as a result, your skin is beautifully smooth and nourished. How does ionisation work and how is it beneficial? We have some very interesting facts for you. 

5 quick facts about ionisation

  • During ionisation, air molecules become electrically charged ions
  • The ionisation helps your skin to absorb moisture and skin? tonics. These pass through skin layers and hydrate deeply
  • Negative ions called anions fight bacteria and prevent their reproduction
  • Ionisation has been used in medicine since 1890. Nowadays, it is used in medicine for reducing excessive sweating or for speedier healing of injuries
  • The magic of ionisation in cosmetics was first discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by one of the first beauticians Ruth D. Maurer who devoted a large part of her life to it

Dry skin, not even facials and creams are helping?

Perhaps you know the feeling. You have several cosmetic products, including creams and facial products in your bathroom. You are trying to drink sufficiently and maintain a good diet. But despite all this effort, after applying makeup, your skin is uncomfortably dry and tense after a while.

How come that even quality cosmetic products you are using daily, don’t work?

The cause is most likely the fact that moisture cannot be fully absorbed into your skin. The cosmetic products cling to your skin but do not penetrate deeply enough and thus lose a lot of their desired effects. Your skin is dry, and you feel like all the efforts are in vain.

And this right here is where ionisation fits in.  The ionisation effects of the ION Mist spray will ensure moisture is absorbed deep into the skin and hydrate it from within. Let’s look at how it works exactly.

How does ionisation work?

Ionisation creates negative ion scaled anions. You may have heard about ionisation air fresheners. Anions are light negative ions which have a demonstrable influence on both the physical and mental well-being of a person. According to some studies, they can also stimulate brain activity and enhance memory, mental and physical efficiency. You can now experience their miraculous effects thanks to the ION Mist spray.

Applying anions onto the skin effectively improves its absorption. Cosmetic products can then be absorbed much deeper into the skin and their effects more beneficial and thus you can say goodbye to dry skin forever.

How does ionisation improve the skin’s absorption capabilities?

Our skin is always positively charged. The ION Mist spray electrifies the air and forms negative anions which are then attracted to the skin like a magnet. Moisture is absorbed deeply into the skin and stays “locked” in.

While ordinary sprays remain on the surface of the skin and evaporate quickly, the ionised tonic remains in the skin after application.

Disinfection and effectively fighting bacteria

Yet another amazing feature of anions is that they fight bacteria and prevent their reproduction. This is used for example by doctors and nurses in hospitals in injury healing, skin diseases and burns. You will surely appreciate this advantage in your everyday use of ION Mist.

It protects your skin against bacteria and outer harmful influences for 24 hours. To complete the sterilisation process, the ION Mist spray also contains white UV LED light which is activated with every use. This light sterilises the liquid inside and thus a sterile spray is being applied to your skin.

Hydration in a dry environment? Several times a day

Thanks to vibration used to spray the tonic; the ION Mist creates molecules like actual mist. There are no drops left on the skin, and the tonic is fully absorbed into the skin. Thanks to this, you can experience the amazing effects of ION Mist not only in the morning but throughout the day.

ION Mist spray is suitable for use on makeup which it won’t smudge. Even though ION Mist works on the first use for the whole day, in a very dry environment, we recommend freshening the skin several times a day.

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