The peeler scored highly in testing by the editorial team of the largest Czech online forum - eMimino (3 MIN. READING)

At the beginning of the new year, the eMimino editorial team, within the Health and Beauty category, tested our galvanic peeler. What was their experience after a month of testing? Editors Matěj, Zuzka, and Kristínka, each with a different skin type, thus facing various issues, tried the Reclar Plus 24K ritual peeler with a golden head. Their main objective was to compare whether this compact spatula could replace professional care from cosmetic salons. Let’s take a look at their personal experiences.

How did the first tester, Kristínka, rate the peeler?

Kristínka has been troubled by blackheads, an oily T-zone, and dry spots on her cheeks since puberty. She’s always been searching for the right products to comprehensively and long-term address her skin woes. "Im thrilled with the results I achieved after regular use of the Reclar peeler. Learning to use the device is a breeze, as it is easy to operate and delivers immediate results." She used the device daily right after showering, when the pores are more open.

She was amazed at how quickly the blackheads and whitehead pimples started to disappear. The blue light helped her tighten pores and heal acne. Kristínka also highly appreciated the option to use the device in combination with her favorite cosmetics at home, so she didn’t have to unnecessarily spend on expensive creams found in advertising spaces. Furthermore, Kristínka highlights the size and shape of the device, which fits perfectly in the hand and is comfortable to hold. After use, she felt her skin beautifully soft, clean, and smooth. Thus, the Reclar peeler earned its honorable place on Kristínka’s bathroom shelf.

How does the peeler take care of male skin? Matěj tested it on his own skin!

Matěj is the typical prototype of a man who's busy with work and hasn't paid much attention to skin care in the past. As he says, he was a bit skeptical at the start of the test, thinking it was just another cosmetic product promising miracles in exchange for regular investment in expensive products. But the opposite is true! And the Reclar peeler really pleasantly surprised him.

"Reclar is very nice to look at and simple to use. Just a few clicks and youre done in a couple of minutes. I'm very pleased with the condition of my skin, and even my family has noticed. I started using it a few weeks ago with a classic face cream and it seemed like the results came almost immediately. My skin began to look as if I had been caring for it for a long time. Hydrated, minimal pimples and blackheads," says Matěj after a month of regular use.

Matěj was most impressed with the blue light mode, which helps calm and heal his skin. He never notices any redness or inflammation in the morning, even after thorough cleansing. The skin is beautifully smooth and healed after blue light treatment. And what was Matěj's final assessment? "I highly recommend the galvanic peeler to everyone, because no matter what imperfection one is dealing with, Reclar can reliably solve it."

Zuzka had to swear to her friends she hadn't gotten Botox!

In her review, Zuzka confided to readers that she was troubled by open pores. Nothing had ever helped her as much as the Reclar peeler. She was bothered that makeup got into these open pores and when she used a primer, her pores often became inflamed, forming unattractive bumps on her cheeks.

"I started using Reclar a month ago and within a week (seriously, no kidding!) my pores began to tighten. Now, after a month, theres no trace of the craters on my face. So if you're dealing with the same problem, forget investing in expensive creams and instead invest in this galvanic spatula."

The blue light became Zuzka's rescue whenever an unsightly pimple popped up on her skin. She just applied ordinary face cream and performed the healing ritual. After the blue light treatment, the pimple disappeared much faster than usual. Zuzka also highly praised how the red light beautifully smooths and tightens the skin. Her friends even started asking her if she had started getting Botox. She had to explain that she chose a much gentler and ultimately much cheaper method.

And finally, what did the editorial office highlight as the device's main advantages?

  • A multifunctional device that is very compact and fits well in the hand
  • Easily operable with a single button and with a built-in timer, the functions turn off automatically after the ritual is complete, so you don’t have to think about anything
  • Professional care from the comfort of your home, taking no more than a few minutes a day
  • A unique combination of LED light with galvanization, which works creams and serums deep into the skin
  • An elegant helper with quick and visible results after just a few uses

Reclar was honored that the editorial team decided to try the peeler and share their own experience with their readers. We would like to thank Kristínka, Matěj, and Zuzka for their honesty, objective evaluation, and detailed description of specific problems that the device helped them with. You can now read their full review in Czech here.