Experience of one of you

We’d like to introduce you to Michaela, a nurse who sent us pictures of her skin before and after using our RECLAR Peeler. And because she works at the ICU, she has to wear not only a respirator but also a face mask with a face shield when dealing with the more vulnerable patients. Besides all the usual stress factors, her skin is also affected by these aspects of her job. The results of using our RECLAR Peeler for a mere 12 days are really breathtaking, and so we decided to also share her experience with you.

Why did you buy RECLAR Peeler - what was your reason and what were your expectations?

Hello, I discovered your Peeler by pure chance. I had long wanted to take better care of my skin, but even regular visits to the beauty salon did not help. I had always fought with skin issues and the current “face mask age” continues to take a toll. Our skin cannot breathe under the respirator, it steams up, gets irritated, porous and all in all tired. I carefully read through the reviews, recommendations for proper use and general satisfaction with your products, and then decided to give it a try. I expected my skin to get cleaner, my pores to get smaller, my skin tone to get unified. Wrinkle care was a pleasant bonus for me. 

How long have you been using RECLAR?

I've been using your Peeler for a month. 

What has changed in that time?

I dare say that my skin got better straight after the first full use. The pores shrunk and the skin got brighter. One of the foundations for a healthy skin is the use of high-quality cosmetic products that get worked into the skin by the Galvanic Peeler, which enhances their effects. I alternate between that and RECLAR serum. And the results? 

Well, I think the BEFORE/AFTER photos speak for themselves. 

How often do you use the individual features of the RECLAR Peeler?

I use ultra-sound peeling twice a week because, as is common for deep skin cleaning, it dries up the skin a bit. I compensate for that with other features of the peeler which, together with the serum, nourish the skin. 

I use Blue light therapy every day after removing my make-up and cleaning my skin. I use Red light therapy every evening to help process my night creams. 

Would you recommend RECLAR to your friends?

I would recommend the Galvanic Peeler to everyone who's having skin issues. Despite the higher price, the investment really pays off. You can take professional care of your skin from the comfort of your home which, especially in today's age, is a great advantage. 

Is RECLAR Peeler replaceable for you?

RECLAR Peeler is unique in its interconnected features. Together, they form a perfect harmony for your skin. There is a number of other similar products designed to take care of your skin. I have, however, already chosen mine and I know I will not be replacing it; I am really satisfied with it. 

Do you have any personal Beauty ritual you would like to share with our readers? :-)

It may sound silly, but Ii created my first Beauty ritual with your Peeler. 

In any case, I think every woman likes to have a grand BEAUTY DAY from time to time, be it with a foam-filled bath tub, a perfect manicure, face masks which - by the way - make us incredibly sexy, or anything else. It is important to keep that in mind and make some time for ourselves. 

Every woman is beautiful, every woman is unique and every woman deserves time for herself. ❤️

Thank you for the interview