Tamara Klusová: “I wish you could see yourself the way other people see you.”
Tamara Klusová: “I wish you could see yourself the way other people see you.”

We are happy that Tamara Klusová is one of the avid fans and users of Reclar peeler. A singer, the author of Of All Animals and The Book of Life and, most importantly, a mother of three. How does she manage to care for herself and what advice does she have for you? You can read about that in our interview with this talented woman.

Hypoallergenic peeler Reclar
Hypoallergenic peeler Reclar

Do you sometimes feel that your efforts – correct make-up removal, regular cleansing, application of serums and creams – are not met with perfect results? Your pores are clogged, you’re getting acne, your skin is grey-ish, wrinkles are deepening and the skin is sagging. The reason for this might be ineffective skin cleansing; the products you use cannot penetrate the skin and instead remain only on the surface.

Beautiful in 15 minutes? No problem!
Beautiful in 15 minutes? No problem!

We all know it - despite our grand plans in the evening for waking up early so as to have time for yoga, a nice breakfast and beautiful makeup, we happily turn off the alarm after the first beep.

That yoga we had planned turns into a sprint to the bathroom, and the nice breakfast becomes a piece of bread from two days ago. Hard and stale. And the makeup? We apply a bit of mascara and face powder somewhere between our trip to work and a morning coffee with a colleague. We don't have to worry about blush – our face is red enough from the hectic morning.

Good product and fast delivery.  Low price.  I'm happy.

Irina Kr.
Shopping was easy and quick. Goods have arrived by courier. Everything OK.
Martina Baaden

The Reclar Peeler is just amazing, it cleans my black spots nicely – nothing else helped remove them. I whole-heartedly recommend it to everybody! ☺


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Experience of one of you
Experience of one of you

We’d like to introduce you to Michaela, a nurse who sent us pictures of her skin before and after using our RECLAR Peeler. And because she works at the ICU, she has to wear not only a respirator but also a face mask with a face shield when dealing with the more vulnerable patients. Besides all the usual stress factors, her skin is also affected by these aspects of her job. The results of using our RECLAR Peeler for a mere 12 days are really breathtaking, and so we decided to also share her experience with you.

 Regular and thorough hydration is the key to natural beauty.
Regular and thorough hydration is the key to natural beauty.

For me, skin hydration is the connection between inner and outer care and should definitely not be underestimated. Regular and thorough hydration is the key to natural beauty. 

Hello, I’d like to thank you for this device, for me, it is an absolute MIRACLE, I’ve lost all my hopes that after years and years of misery anything new could help my acne. In April 2019, I bought the galvanic spatula Reclar and today I do not have any zits, it nicely cleanses my skin and I removed even some scars as thanks to this spatula I can apply the creams and serums for scars deep into the skin – this is absolute perfection for me. It is my daily ritual, I am actually addicted to Reclar, to be honest, but not only to this but also to the masks which are also amazing. Thanks to them I managed to get rid of pigmented spots, ionization spray and water from camelia is my “moisturiser bomb”. My skin got rid of long-lasting dryness and little scales. And I won’t go sleep without using Reclar serum, after which my skin is brightened, nourished and rested in the morning. It is only a pity I don’t have the photos to compare what my skin looked like half a year back and what it looks like now. Thank you very much!

Simona Schánilcová

I am very satisfied, the change to my skin is visible and even my daughters like it. I do recommend it.

Danka Štefanová

have been using Reclar for about half a year now and I am very satisfied with it. I do recommend it.

Linda Melenová
Professional’s advice
Professional’s advice

Vilma Baum, a professional make-up artist and Make-up Institute Prague lecturer, has grown fond of our RECLAR galvanic peeler.

She spoke with  us about how to correctly care for your skin and that the basis of skincare is peeling, thus we had to share this information with you. So, we bring you a short but concise interview about peeling and its importance.

I was considering the purchase of a spatula for a while, and was a bit hesitant due to its higher price. Today after a half-year of using this product I can tell that buying it was a brilliant decision. I don’t use it for cleansing that often, however, I use photodynamic therapy daily. And even when a small zit shows up – if I treat it with the blue light from the moment it appeared, it disappears very soon after. I’ve never had a similar experience with any other product of this kind in my life. The application of the serum and creams is absolutely fantastic. I can only recommend it.

Šárka Synková

Hi, I’ve been trying your peeler for about eight months now, it is really easy to handle, practical and most importantly one can see the results on the skin. It treats, smooths, strengthens and heals. I recommend this for all women.


The blade is amazing. The only thing I would point out is that it doesn’t tell you that the battery is almost dead, and suddenly turns off. So after you put the serum on your face you start the device and without any prior notification it suddenly turns off. What next? You put it on the charger and start rubbing the serum on your face with a finger, the old-fashioned way.