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There's a ritual behind every beauty

Skincare rituals are as authentic as you and your beauty. Reclar amplifies the care in the way your skin needs - it deeply cleans, heals necessary spots, reduces wrinkles, activates collagen and brightens your skin. The galvanising feature also improves the effects of all cosmetic products. There's no reason to change your habits or your favourite cosmetics. See the difference between regular and ritual skincare. Because there's a ritual behind every beauty.

Ritual peeler Reclar

Reclar Peeler
Reclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar PeelerReclar Peeler

Healing properties of gold

The 24-karat gilded blade is gentle to the skin, acts as an antioxidant, regenerates, rejuvenates and brightens the skin.

Reclar will improve the effects of your cosmetics

The active substances of your favourite products will get deeper into your skin and become more effective thanks to the patented combination of galvanic current and light therapy.


Ultrasound water peeling effectively removes sebum, old cells and is great for deep cleaning of pores. A frequency of 28–30kHz ensures the maximum cleansing effect while being gentle towards the skin.

Red LED light

The red light activates collagen, reduces wrinkles and pigment stains and closes pores. Galvanisation improves the effects of your cosmetic products and helps keep the skin flexible.

Blue LED light

The blue light heals acne and sterilises tissues to prevent more inflammation. It also aids the healing of minor wounds and scars. Galvanisation improves the effects of your cosmetic products and helps keep the skin flexible.

Made in Korea

South Korea is a dreamland of beauty and health, but also of endless improvements and innovations to boost our beauty further. It is rightly considered the Mecca of cosmetics and top tier technological innovators. Reclar provides inspiration on how to take care of your beauty rituals.

Easy to use.

Intuitive and easy to use You can choose your desired function by just pressing a single button. Simply pick your functions and the built-in timer will turn it off after the recommended time of use.

Reclar multiplies the effects of all beauty products
Reclar supersedes all other, similar beauty devices. Vogue
Reclar provides the best skincare in the comfort of your home. Cosmopolitan
Reclar offers irreplaceable and rejuvenating care. Bazaar
30 day money back guarantee
Regular ultrasonic scrubberRitual peeler Reclar
Cleansing ritual
Healing ritual
Rejuvenating ritual


I love this product, my facial skin is clean and fresh. Only the price could be a little lower.

Denisa K.

The best thing for my skin with acne was buying Reclar. Thank you!!


I realy like the products. The skin feals better and healthy. Best option for skincare. I Love it.

M. Müller
Shopping was easy and quick. Goods have arrived by courier. Everything OK.
Martina Baaden

The Reclar Peeler is just amazing, it cleans my black spots nicely – nothing else helped remove them. I whole-heartedly recommend it to everybody! ☺


Hello, I’d like to thank you for this device, for me, it is an absolute MIRACLE, I’ve lost all my hopes that after years and years of misery anything new could help my acne. In April 2019, I bought the galvanic spatula Reclar and today I do not have any zits, it nicely cleanses my skin and I removed even some scars as thanks to this spatula I can apply the creams and serums for scars deep into the skin – this is absolute perfection for me. It is my daily ritual, I am actually addicted to Reclar, to be honest, but not only to this but also to the masks which are also amazing. Thanks to them I managed to get rid of pigmented spots, ionization spray and water from camelia is my “moisturiser bomb”. My skin got rid of long-lasting dryness and little scales. And I won’t go sleep without using Reclar serum, after which my skin is brightened, nourished and rested in the morning. It is only a pity I don’t have the photos to compare what my skin looked like half a year back and what it looks like now. Thank you very much!

Simona Schánilcová

I am very satisfied, the change to my skin is visible and even my daughters like it. I do recommend it.

Danka Štefanová

have been using Reclar for about half a year now and I am very satisfied with it. I do recommend it.

Linda Melenová

I was considering the purchase of a spatula for a while, and was a bit hesitant due to its higher price. Today after a half-year of using this product I can tell that buying it was a brilliant decision. I don’t use it for cleansing that often, however, I use photodynamic therapy daily. And even when a small zit shows up – if I treat it with the blue light from the moment it appeared, it disappears very soon after. I’ve never had a similar experience with any other product of this kind in my life. The application of the serum and creams is absolutely fantastic. I can only recommend it.

Šárka Synková

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