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  • Complete skin care.
  • Ultrasound peeling removes sebum and old cells from your skin and deeply cleans it.
  • Galvanisation helps the skin deeply absorb your cosmetics and maximise its effects.
  • The blue light heals acne and stops new acne from forming. It also heals small wounds and scars.
  • The red light activates collagen, reduces wrinkles and stains, and helps regenerate the skin.
  • The 24k gilded blade is anti-bacterial, supports good blood circulation, removes toxins and improves the effects of the peeler.


Ultrasound water peeling effectively removes sebum, old cells and is great for deep cleaning of pores. A frequency of 28–30kHz ensures the maximum cleansing effect while being gentle towards the skin.


The blue light heals acne and sterilises tissues to prevent more inflammation. It also aids the healing of minor wounds and scars. Galvanisation improves the effects of your cosmetic products and helps keep the skin flexible.


The red light activates collagen, reduces wrinkles and pigment stains and closes pores. Galvanisation improves the effects of your cosmetic products and helps keep the skin flexible.


The active substances of your favourite products will get deeper into your skin and become more effective thanks to the patented combination of galvanic current and light therapy.


The 24-karat gilded blade is gentle to the skin, acts as an antioxidant, regenerates, rejuvenates and brightens the skin.


South Korea is a dreamland of beauty and health, but also of endless improvements and innovations to boost our beauty further. It is rightly considered the Mecca of cosmetics and top tier technological innovators.

Reclar provides inspiration on how to take care of your beauty rituals. 

You often ask

How often can I use peeler RECLAR? 

Initially we recommend once every 2 days for the peeling. After a month once a week is enough and ultimately once every 2 weeks depending on your skin type. G-Blue and G-Red light can be used daily. Twice or 3 times a week is usually enough after a month but again, it depends on your skin type.

Can I use all the functions at once?

Yes, it is possible to combine all three functions however you please. We recommend starting with peeling and then move on to G-Blue and G-Red light as is described in the tab “How it works” Each of the features can be applied separately as well depending on you and your skin’s needs.

How long should 1 cleansing take?

It all depends on whether you are using just 1 function or whether you are combining more of them. Try not to exceed 15 minutes to avoid skin irritation. We recommend using each of the functions for 5 minutes. You can start on 3-4 minutes and gradually progress if you have sensitive skin.

When should which feature be used?

Use peeling after your skin is cleaned and moisturised. After the application of a facial use G-Blue light which supports absorption and prevents inflammation. Then you can apply your cream and use G-Red Light which closes pores and wraps up the whole process. More detailed directions can be found in the tab “How it works”

Should I be using facials or other cosmetics every time?

It is necessary to have your skin moisturised by water, mineral water, cream, a facial or a serum.

Is it a problem if I pass the same place twice within the same function?

No, it absolutely isn’t. Each function can take up to 5 minutes so it is completely okay to pass the same place several times.

How long until I see results?

First effects should be visible after about 3 weeks of using the peeler. After 2 months your skin will look considerably better and clearer.

Can I use the peeler on the sensitive skin around eyes where I have wrinkles?

G-Red light which smooths out wrinkles is suitable to use around the eyes as well. We recommend to close your eyes so that the light wouldn’t shine straight in them. The other functions are not necessary in this area but will not harm the skin in any way.

Should I use G-Blue light even though I don’t have acne?

G-Blue light enhances the skin overall and prevents inflammation. It can also help with acne but is suitable for everyone. It improves absorption of facials into the skin.

Is it okay to combine G-Red and G-Blue light in succession?

Yes, all the functions can be used in succession. We recommend starting with G-Blue light to better absorb facial and finishing with G-Red light to close your pores. Detailed instructions can be found in the tab “How it works”

How much pressure should I apply during peeling?

The peeler is developed so that it cleans your skin deeply as it is so there’s no need to apply any extra pressure. Your hand is the medium between the peeler and your skin. Excessive pressure might result in unnecessary irritation if your skin.

What creams and serums can I use with RECLAR peeler?

You can use any creams, serums or facials you are used to. We recommend RECLAR facial which contains all the substances your skin needs and works perfectly with RECLAR peeler. After the facial it is recommended to support the absorption by G-Blue light.

What do you get in the package?

Package contains

RECLAR peeler

USB charging cord (socket charger is not contained in the package but you can use your phone’s or a USB port in a computer).

English manual

Waterproof travel case

Charging time
60-90 min, doba použití – 30-35 min po úplném nabití
How does it work?
  1. Start with peeling RECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 2

Peeling is the most vital part of the process. Up to 30.000 vibrations per second remove old skin. Meanwhile it cleans pores from sebum, quickens the healing process of acne and prevents its creation.


  • Clean your skin like you normally would (micellar water, herbal tonic, …)
  • Choose peeler function (turn the peeler on with a long press of the button. Then press the button briefly and it will be set for the peeling function).
  • Apply RECLAR peeler on moisturised skin and move it as shown in the pictures. Do that for all the skin. The process should take about 5 minutes.
  • Moisturise your skin with mineral or regular water if it’s getting too dry. The peeler uses spattering and so its effectivity might lower on dry skin
  • RECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 3RECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 4
  • The peeler can initially be used once or twice a day. When your skin is cleaned beautifully and depending on your type of skin once every week or every 2 weeks is usually enough.
  • Your skin might be dry after the peeling. We recommend applying a facial, a facial serum or moisturising cream.    
  1. Apply G-Blue lightRECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 5

The next step is G-Blue light therapy. It helps mitigate the effects of skin imperfections and inflammations but also prevents acne and minimalizes its appearance. Galvanic massage works simultaneously with G-Blue light function which helps absorb nutrients from a facial or a serum.

If you are using G-Blue or G-Red on another person, you need to touch the person with your hand. Otherwise galvanic current is not properly working and light is not lightening.


  • Apply a facial or a serum on clean skin
  • Switch the peeler on and press the button twice briefly for G-Blue light function
  • Move the blade across your face as shown in the pictures for approximately 5 minutes
  • Hold the peeler at the gold edges while in use. Those are electrodes activating the G-Blue light. The light should switch on after contact with skin.
  • You might feel a light stinging after contact with skin. That is caused by ionizing and is absolutely harmless for body and skin.
  • RECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 6RECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 7
  • G-Blue light can be used in combination with RECLAR facial. Apply the facial on your skin and use G-Blue light afterwards. It can also be combined with other cosmetics which you are used to.
  • You can use G-Blue light every day. After a few weeks of such usage twice or three times per week should usually be enough depending on the type of your skin.   
  1. Use G-Red light RECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 8

The last step is G-Red light. Ultrasound massage in combination with galvanisation revitalizes the skin. G-Red light smooths out wrinkles, closes pores and supports skin elasticity.


  • Apply hydrating / nourishing cream on face
  • Switch the peeler on and press the button 3 times to access G-Red light
  • Move the peeler as shown in the pictures for about 5 minutes
  • Don’t forget to hold the peeler by the gold electrodes on the sides. You can tell the peeler is working correctly by the red light which lights up after contact with skin.
  •     RECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 7RECLAR hypoalergenní galvanický peeler a terapie světlem - zlatý 6  
  • You can use G-Red light every day. After a few weeks of this usage twice or three times per week should usually be enough depending on the type of your skin.

  • Galvanisation and golden therapy
    • When using both light functions your skin is affected by positive and negative ions thanks to the galvanic effect. That results in better absorption of cosmetic products into the skin. Skin gains resistance, is cleansed and pores are closed. 
    • Blade made of 99.9% gold ensures better blood circulation, gets rid of toxins and thus supports other functions of the peeler.
Ultrasonic frequency
28-30 kHz
Country of originJižní Korea

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