Sensitive skin often suffers from uncomfortable irritation, redness, and even itching. However, with proper care and the right products, we can significantly improve its condition and achieve a calm and healthy complexion. All it takes is a few minutes of care in the morning and evening.

Understanding Sensitive Skin

The first step in caring for sensitive skin is understanding what can irritate it. Sensitive skin tends to react to various external and internal factors. Some of these factors can be directly influenced, while others can be adapted to effectively protect our skin. Risk factors include:

1.    Irritating Chemicals in Cosmetic Products: Avoid products that contain strong perfumes and dyes. Search for natural-based products labeled as suitable for sensitive skin.

2.    Inappropriate Water Temperature: Excessively hot or cold water can irritate the skin as well. It is recommended to wash your face with lukewarm water - neither hot nor cold, which gently opens the pores for easier cleansing.

3.    Stress: Emotional stress can quickly manifest on your skin's appearance. Excessive stress usually makes the skin even more sensitive and prone to inflammation. Various types of relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, or walks in nature can help you with nervous tension.

4.    Extreme Weather: Excessively high or low temperatures can strongly irritate the skin. Therefore, proper protection is essential, and extra attention is needed in such cases. Wind, in particular, can dry out the skin, so using hydrating creams multiple times a day is advisable when exposed to winds. An ionizing spray is also suitable. It can immediately deeply hydrates and you can also use it for make-up.

Establishing the Right Skincare Habits

In skincare, it's not just about quality cosmetics and cleansing technology, consistency matters. Your skin needs care and thorough cleansing every morning and evening. The cleansing and treatment process should not take more than a few minutes twice a day. The key is also the sequence of the entire skincare routine, which we will discuss in the next article.

Patience Brings Results

Miracles do not happen overnight, so it's important to be patient and observe gradual improvements. While Reclar's Peeler technology can show initial improvements after just a few uses, the recovery of damaged skin for very sensitive skin is a longer process that is definitely worth the care and time. If you are testing a new type of cosmetics, it is recommended to try it on a small area first and, after a few uses, apply it to your entire face.

The More Sensitive Your Skin, the More Care It Deserves

Sensitive skin may seem challenging to care for, but with the right selection of cosmetics and cleaning technology, even this skin type can achieve a healthy appearance. Remember that every skin is unique, and what may suit one person may not suit another. Sensitive skin is more prone to various types of irritation and reactions, so it's desirable to keep it hydrated and strengthen its protective barrier through proper care.