We were inspired to write a new article by the fashion magazine Esquire, renowned for tracking the hottest American trends. Its Czech editorial team has prepared a comprehensive overview of beauty products for men, perfect as gifts not only for Christmas. You can read the original article here. The article begins with the words, " want to look good too!" And we wholeheartedly agree with the Esquire team. Reclar cosmetics were developed in South Korea, where skincare is perceived very differently than in Europe. In South Korea, cosmetics are a part of daily life for both men and women, with regular skin care seen as a natural part of hygiene, emphasized more than anywhere else. The South Korean approach to skincare is preventative. How does the European approach to men's cosmetics differ? Let's take a closer look.

Let's be honest, unlike women, men prefer not to spend too much time in the bathroom. According to them, they favor quicker, yet more effective solutions. On the other hand, the idea of visiting a beautician's chair is often more daunting than spending a few extra minutes in front of the mirror. What men do enjoy, however, are innovations and modern technology. Give them a gadget that blinks, lights up, and makes any kind of sound, and they are suddenly in a different world - a world where playfulness and naturalness have room. Therefore, the ideal solution for men is to use modern technology in skincare. The Reclar peeler is the perfect way for men to take skincare into their own hands, literally.

Men often ask us if the peeler will help cure acne, remove small scars, or smooth wrinkles. What if we told you there's a simple way to prevent these problems? It only takes a few minutes of your day. The peeler device features 3 functions in one compact package that doesn't take up much space. The first function is ultrasonic peeling, recommended twice a week, cleaning the skin deeply, removing dead cells, and being very gentle. The second is blue light, effective in treating acne, small scars, and pigmentation spots. The third is red light, primarily resulting in smooth and radiant skin. It beautifully tightens pores and activates collagen production, contributing to youthful skin. We recommend both types of light therapy regularly, ideally twice a day. Just a few minutes daily, and you'll soon see results. Gentlemen, it's like the gym - consistency and regularity are key.

We thank Esquire magazine for featuring Reclar in one of their latest articles and for regularly opening important topics that should gain more space in society. We wish for men to not have to ponder whether to use cosmetic products, but for skin care to be as natural as washing hands. Let's take inspiration from South Korea, where there are no gender differences in skincare, so in cosmetic ads, you'll see ladies just as often as men. Dear ladies, finally, a message for you: support your fathers, brothers, friends, or colleagues in skincare. Show them how it's done, and maybe even get them a peeler to do most of the work for them. Gentlemen, we look forward to your reviews :)