Disinfecting with UV light? You can find it in your ION Mist spray

UV light disinfection is a widely used method for sterilising water, households and even medical supplies. UV light, which is a part of our ION Mist spray, fights against bacteria and viruses, provides disinfection of the spray liquid and thus protects your skin from impurities. How exactly does UV disinfection work? Read all about it in the following article! 

5 facts about UV disinfection you may not know

  • The effects of the sun rays were discovered in 1877
  • It was discovered that only a part of the spectrum has disinfecting effects – UV light
  • The first UV water treatment facility was established in Marseille in 1910
  • UV light damages viral and bacterial DNA and RNA and thus prevents them from multiplying
  • Today it is also used for sterilising medical supplies

What is UV light?

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays. An interesting fact is that, even though people are unable to see such light, some animals, for example, reindeer can see it. Why they can see it is a mystery for scientists.

There are 3 types of UV light – A, B and C. UV-C is the most effective, it works on a short distance and is most commonly used for sterilisation

How does UV light fight bacteria and viruses?

As already mentioned in the introduction, UV disinfection is not a new technology. UV light sterilising effects were discovered in the 19th century and have been used to disinfect water, air and items ever since. How does it work, though?

UV radiation damages all living organisms, including invisible ones – bacteria and viruses. Germicidal radiation affects the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses and stops them from reproducing and spreading. The effects of UV light have been proven via tests on the most common viruses, such as the flu.

UV light and water disinfection

Due to its ability to rid liquids of bacteria, UV light technology was initially used for water sterilisation. To this day, this effect is very popular as it provides water sterilisation without causing damage to the environment with the use of chemicals.

In our ION Mist spray, the UV light performs liquid sterilisation as well. Upon spraying of the liquid onto skin, the UV light switches on, radiates the liquid and sterilises it. The liquid then disperses onto your skin completely sterile. Disinfecting the liquid stops bacteria from reproducing on the skin and it is then better protected against external influences.

UV light disinfection in medicine

UV light disinfection is currently very popular. It is commonly used in medicine to fight viruses and bacteria.

In hospitals, whole rooms are disinfected with UV light after the occupation of infectious patients suffering from various diseases caused by transmittable viruses. Thorough disinfection with UV light, this ensures hospitals work within a completely sterile environment even in departments with highly infectious patients.

Are you intrigued by the UV light effects? You can try them too  with our ION Mist which will help you achieve perfectly clean and protected skin!