January resolutions or 6 small steps you can take for your complexion right now

New cycle, new beginning, new megalomaniac resolutions – that is what the start of the calendar year looks like for many of us. But we often postpone our great plans again and again, until there is nothing left of them. Whether you're planning to change diet, stop procrastinating, or just want to spend more time on yourself this year, believe us that it's the small steps that lead to lasting changes and bear the sweetest fruit.

And what can you do for your complexion right now (and not from next Monday)? Here are some tried and tested tips:

#1 Get yourself a drink

We sweat and drink less in winter, but the heating as well as freezing temperatures are dehydrating and we need to replenish our fluids all the more. It is ideal to drink warm water in sips throughout the whole day. You can also supplement your drinking regime with herbal teas or less common liquids such as vegetable or meat broths or dried goji berries in hot water. Cheers!

#2 Put some cream on

We tend to use heavier and more nourishing products in winter to nourish our complexion. Really, oils are amazing for the complexion as they provide vitamins and nutrients and also lock in moisture. However, keep in mind that there has to be some moisture first, so never apply an oil product on dry skin! Also bear in mind that oils contain various acids, some of which have the ability to dissolve the skin's own lipids (and are used, for example, as cleansing oils). They can be, therefore, rather drying to the skin if used inappropriately and for a long time. In your skincare routine, start with watery products such as tonics, essences, serums and gels before moving on to oily ones (creams, oils), which can then form an occlusive layer on your skin. The moisture does not evaporate immediately and the final result multiplies the benefits of all the cosmetic products that you used. For maximum moisturising effect, we recommend incorporating your favourite cosmetic products with galvanization. It will reach the deeper layers of the skin and multiply its effect.

#3 Shine a light on yourself

Reclar Ritual peeler with the red LED light function treats your skin and tackles several issues that are worth focusing on in winter – pigmentation and prevention of premature ageing. In winter, when the UV index is at its lowest and the skin is not as exposed to sunshine, it is advisable to use cosmetic products to even out the skin tone and reduce pigmentation – they will be the most effective at this time. The red LED light also helps suppress pigment spots while stimulating collagen production which naturally rejuvenates the skin. After about two weeks of daily use of the red LED light, you will see the difference – your skin will be more even, juicier and firmer.

#4 Stop touching your face

Did you know that our hands have a similar amount of pathogens and germs on them as the handle on the tram or the door handle to your building? Although we wash our hands regularly, it's good to think about everything that comes into contact with our skin. Do you have a habit of holding your phone between your face and your shoulder? Resting your chin in your hands? Try to break these habits and believe us that any breakouts, rashes and similar troubles will be easily avoided.

It is also essential to clean your cosmetic brushes regularly (with a special cleaning solution after each use and with soap and water at least once a week), and there are also special disinfectant sprays for your powder cosmetic products. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness and in this case, cleanliness ensures the health of your skin.

#5 Sleep

A good night's sleep is one of the most luxurious things we can treat our skin to. Surrender to the laws of nature and allow yourself to enjoy the darker time of year to the fullest – by sleeping through it. Try going to bed at the same time every night and don't neglect your preparation for sleep – no phones, but rather your favourite beauty ritual, a book and off to bed. Do you want to enhance your beauty sleep even more? Get yourself a silk pillowcase! Quality comes at a price but your skin and hair will repay you handsomely. Unlike cotton, silk is very gentle on the skin, so you can wake up without wrinkles, bumps and with shiny, tangle-free hair.

#6 Love yourself

Our mood, as some beauty experts say, makes up a quarter of how we feel, look and appear to those around us. So treat yourself to a massage, a facial, a dance or a delicious meal – anything that will make your day better. And speaking of love, making love also has wonderful effects on our skin and mood. Share enjoyable moments with your partner or alone and then skip straight to step 5. Your skin, body and mind will all thank you.

Enjoy the beautiful first days of the new year!

Asya Meytuv