Galvanic Water Peeler: Effects of ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasound water peeling

The frequency of the galvanic peeler is 28kHz, thus has a low frequency, but at the same time has great power, strong penetration of the skin, and excellent stability. Ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 28kHz are able to disperse in water as fit well into the wavelength of the water.  Due to the high - water content of the human body (approximately 70%), the peeling has very good effects. 

  • Scaling effect

Removes, cleanses, sterilises and peels waste from the skin and pores

Gold Blade

  1. Pure gold (99.9%) plating on the blade
  2. Reduces metal allergy
  3. High electrical conductivity increases galvanic synergy effect
  4. Gold has an anti-bacterial effect

Galvanic current

The current circulates throughout the body and human tissue in a continuous and regular flow, revitalising tissue and favourably affecting both chemical and physical reactions within the body.

Features of galvanic devices

The galvanic device has an anode and a cathode. The peeler uses chemical changes which occur at both the positive and negative poles. Due to the action of the active and inactive electrode, this allows the current to permeate the skin more effectively.


Effect of penetrating the nutritional ampoule and essence into the skin


The fibres of the skin are activated by the generation of ultrasonic waves, which assists in the management of wrinkles and elasticity of the skin.

  • Voltage: High (40mV) / Low (-4,36V)
  • It increases blood supply to the skin through an alkaline reaction at the negative electrode (-), thereby improving blood circulation and helping the skin relax by the effect of neurostimulation.
  • Blue (470nm wavelength) LED (1mm transillumination). It is absorbed by the epithelial tissue of the skin. It stimulates porphyrin to produce more oxygen within the cell, which assists in sterilisation of the skin and acne treatment.
  • A university study has shown that by irradiating the skin with 470nm LED on skin defects has assisted in wound healing.

  • Voltage: High (4,48V) / Low (80mV)
  • It helps to regenerate the skin’s acid film by reacting with the acid at the positive electrode (+). It also has a whitening effect on pigmented areas and helps to improve and promote the skin’s regenerative abilities.
  • Red (624nm wavelength) LED (2mm transillumination) can penetrate the dermis of the skin, stimulate mitochondria and activate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, which can help improve elasticity, minimise wrinkles and slow the effects of aging.

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