Tamara Klusová: “I wish you could see yourself the way other people see you.”

We are happy that Tamara Klusová is one of the avid fans and users of Reclar peeler. A singer, the author of Of All Animals and The Book of Life and, most importantly, a mother of three. How does she manage to care for herself and what advice does she have for you? You can read about that in our interview with this talented woman.

Dear Tamara,

I’m sure you’ll agree that our beauty comes mainly from within. Who we are and how we feel is reflected in our appearance and has an impact on whether we shine or not.

We all know the days when all of our efforts to be zen are disrupted by unexpected events that may leave us tired and make us feel that we need more than just the right mindset – we also need to supply our body with the necessary care and energy.

Can you tell us how a very active woman and a mother of three such as yourself handles this important task?

I love the saying: “I wish you could see yourself the way other people see you.” I say it to the women around me all the time when they feel not fit for the tasks ahead, too weak, or down in general. Of course, sometimes I need to hear it too.

It is okay to be in different parts of the proverbial seesaw.

I help myself by consciously telling myself: “Hey, Tamara, things will be back where you want them in just a moment, so let’s go and keep working!” I am my own coach. The top of my emotional pyramid isn’t euphoria but harmony – balance. So I try to get there and stay there by any means necessary.

How do you take care of your body so that it has enough energy and stays healthy?

I admit I am constantly experiencing swings. I have these three-month cycles where I exercise, eat loads of vegetables, watch my sleep, go to the sauna and for massages, but then out of nowhere I switch into working mode and things become very active and hectic. This then moves me backwards. And this cycle goes on and on. I try to not let it bother me anymore and accept the fact that my modes are unstable. I’m a constantly moving person and I’m trying to accept myself for what I am, not what I should be.

Do you have a favourite beauty ritual?

I love a hot bath or shower followed by a face mask, which I keep on for longer than is recommended, because I feel that ignoring the suggested time definitely helps; I lie in bed with my favourite oversized sweatshirt, I start watching some great movie and support the face mask with Reclar light therapy. I just love that. Tomáš lies next to me and usually finds it all heartwarmingly funny :).

What do you do for your skin? What do you always need to have in your bathroom? Can you tell us some of your tips or tricks?

I simply need to have a makeup remover and skin cleanser. I can’t fall asleep without this feeling of cleanliness. And the same ritual applies to mornings too. Wash and cleanse the skin. I like Inlight products, which I’ve been using for seven years. But I use other brands too. I like constantly discovering new brands, scents...

Besides good cosmetic products, there is now a trend of high-tech devices for home use, ranging from LED light therapy to ultrasound cleansing. Do you use those in your routines?

I fell in love with Reclar thanks to Vlastina Svátková who presented it on her IG. I knew I needed it. And I don’t regret it. I don’t put my Reclar away in the drawer so that it stays visible at all the times and I don't skip on my treatment. As a bonus, it's really pretty and generally pleasant to look at.

What do you think makes Reclar unique?

I find its peeling features a miracle. The results are immediately visible. I feel like I’ve been to a professional beauty parlour after using it. When I see some developing skin imperfections, I use light therapy to prevent the problem from even occurring. One of my friends Adéla likes to tell this great and true sentence: “The best makeup is a clean and well-treated skin.” And I agree with that completely.

What do you appreciate most about Reclar? Why would you recommend it?

I’d recommend Reclar to all women who want to change their routine attitude and stop neglecting themselves. Reclar leads to self-love and to the realisation that we as women (mothers) should stop placing ourselves last.

Thank you for the interview.