We are delighted that the editorial team of the prestigious French magazine Beauté Test has tested our ultrasonic peeler. Check out if we passed this test.

Quote: Beaute Test.com editorial, article “Crash Test: que vaut le Ritual Peeler de Reclar?“, published on Friday, May 30, 2023, at 15:30

If you are looking for a way to enhance the effectiveness of your skincare without having to change your favorite cosmetic products, this innovation from the Reclar brand could be exactly what you need. But does it live up to its promises? We tested it for you!

The Ritual Peeler from RECLARis an innovative, high-quality technological device that allows perfect skin cleansing in phase 1 "Peeling" and in phases 2 and 3 "Galvanization" to treat imperfections, stimulate microcirculation, collagen production, and optimize skincare absorption. Its 24k Gold version has a head covered in 24-carat pure gold, offering antibacterial effects and promoting blood circulation and toxin elimination. This edition also has a more durable battery, including a charging level indicator.

Upon unpacking the box, you'll discover a luxurious item with a light, slim, and elegant design. In addition to the charging cable and user manual, it comes with a protective pouch, a cloth for blade cleaning, and a headband to hold back hair during use.

So, what does the device promise?

To optimize care tailored to your skin's needs: deep cleansing, treatment of specific areas, wrinkle reduction, collagen activation, and brightening the entire complexion. Additionally, through galvanization, it significantly enhances the effects of all skincare products. It sounds like a brilliant idea. But is the result achieved? We put it to the test.

How does the RECLAR peeler work?

During our sleep, our brain continues to work intensively, leading to increased blood circulation. This activity promotes collagen production, contributing to skin revitalization and healing. For skincare products like serums and creams to act optimally and address potential imperfections that develop throughout the day, it is essential to have perfectly clean skin, free of all dead cells. In other words, thorough skin cleansing, like peeling, prepares the way for creams to penetrate deeply and act effectively instead of staying on the surface.

Using this innovative technology is straightforward: just moisten your face and let the metal part of the Ritual Peeler from RECLAR glide over your face. Thanks to vibrations associated with ultrasonics, water is deeply pulsed to gradually and gently dislodge impurities. In a few minutes in your bathroom, this purifying and antibacterial treatment is nearly comparable to some professional results achieved in salons.

Why is peeling essential?

Because conventional makeup removal remains superficial, and over time, cosmetic residues, dead cells, and sebum accumulate, suffocating the skin, making it dull and prone to imperfections. Regular use of water and ultrasound peels from RECLAR reverses this mechanism by cleaning the skin deeply.

What is galvanization?

It is a combination of vibrations, ultrasound, and phototherapy that treats:

  • Blue light: acne, inflammation, scars, and spots
  • Red light: activates microcirculation, collagen production, cellular regeneration, and reduces wrinkles.

Moreover, galvanization optimizes nutrient absorption by the skin from any subsequent treatment: mask, serum, and cream. 

How does RECLAR galvanization work?

Very simply: just select the chosen light and let the metal part glide over the entire face after applying the chosen treatment.

What are the effects/results of the phototherapy?

Red and blue light are gaining popularity in beauty salons and home skincare treatments. The LED technology used in these treatments has beneficial effects such as treating acne, reducing inflammation, and combating skin aging.

Good to know:

LED light therapy uses different wavelengths of light, including red and blue.

It was originally used by the United States Navy to treat wounds.

Red light therapy is now mainly used in the beauty care field against wrinkles.

Estheticians use blue therapy to treat acne.

The test:

We took the time to test all the functions offered by the peeler, namely:

1 to 2 times a week, the peeling function, as recommended by the brand.

  • Daily and according to areas/needs:
  • Blue light (G-Blue function), which treats acne, prevents new inflammations, heals wounds, and makes small scars disappear.
  • Red light (G-Red function), which activates collagen, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pigmented spots, and contributes to skin regeneration.

The verdict?

After 6 weeks of regular use of the Ritual Peeler 24K Gold from RECLAR, the results are significant: our skin has visibly gained radiance, density, and firmness. The skin is smoother and naturally radiant, and the pores are tightened.

For us, the RECLAR Peeler is a beauty accessory to keep in the bathroom. Because this multifunctional device from RECLAR is easy to use, it is perfect for family or individual use and meets the needs of teenagers, women, and men concerned about having healthy, fresh, and radiant skin. It will also fulfill the expectations of those who want to act regularly and deeply on the cellular mechanism in the long term to slow down skin sagging.

Easy to use, ergonomic, light, and discreet, it fits into the bathroom or slips into the toiletry bag to enjoy a complete skincare routine at any time, freely, and in a few minutes. It is definitely, for us, a product we love after this crash test.

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