In recent years, the use of light therapy for therapeutic purposes has become the subject of many studies and practical applications. Red light is increasingly utilized in the beauty and health world. A key aspect of red light is its ability to penetrate deeper into the skin, where it can stimulate cellular processes. It quickly became popular due to its significant regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects. Thanks to the ritualistic galvanic peeler by Reclar, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of red light right in your bathroom.

Its proven healing effects, however, have a very interesting history. Originally, this technology was developed for growing plants in space stations. By chance, in the 1990s, astronauts discovered that red light sped up the healing of their wounds, even in low-gravity conditions where the healing process is significantly slower. NASA studies soon showed that red light indeed helps accelerate the healing process. Thus, NASA astronauts began using red light as a tool for healing minor injuries caused by handling machinery. Further scientific research explored additional therapeutic effects of red light and its potential use in medicine.

Currently, doctors and physiotherapists work with red light in therapeutic procedures aimed at helping with muscle pain, joint pain, or arthritis. According to medical professionals, red light also aids in accelerating fat burning, and its anti-aging effects are significant. Its other potential benefits are still being tested. Current studies are also investigating the effects of red light on an individual's psyche and mental health. The warming effects of red light can improve mood and positively stimulate cognitive brain functions, new studies reveal. This light therapy has carved out a significant position among dermatologists and beauticians. Most advanced salons now work with this form of therapeutic processes on a daily basis.

Red light penetrates the skin at various depths, depending on its wavelength. The Reclar peeler uses red light at a certified wavelength of 635.5 nm, suitable for skin treatment. This light stimulates regenerative processes at the cellular level, increases energy production in cells, and supports collagen synthesis. Thus, it is a non-invasive and painless method that can offer long-term results but usually requires regular applications. One of the fundamental advantages of this therapeutic method is also the fact that no significant side effects have been proven, making the use of this procedure truly safe.

Today, devices utilizing this light radiation are available not only in medical facilities and beauty salons but also in the form of compact devices for home use. Home-use devices allow users to perform treatments comfortably in their own home, yet it is important to handle the device correctly and follow the manufacturer's instructions. The galvanic peeler Reclar offers not only a rejuvenating red light mode but also a ritual with healing blue light and a cleansing ultrasonic water peel. The rejuvenating ritual with red light activates collagen, helping reduce wrinkles, pigment spots, tighten pores, and maintain skin elasticity. The result is a smooth and radiant complexion that feels soft and supple to the touch.

The process of using the galvanic spatula is very simple: just apply your favorite cream, mask, or serum to the face and turn on the G-Red function. Flip the peeler upside down (opposite to how you would for peeling) and glide the device's head from the center of the face outwards. While performing the therapy, hold the peeler by the sides to activate the electrodes and thus the red light. If you are performing the procedure on someone else, it is necessary to touch the skin to close the electrical circuit. The G-Red procedure, like the G-Blue procedure, is recommended to be performed every morning and evening. You can freely alternate your cosmetic products (facial creams, serums, or masks) according to the preferences and needs of your skin. The duration of one therapy is set to the recommended 5 minutes, after which the function automatically turns off. During the ritual, you don't need to think about anything or keep track of time. Enjoy this rejuvenating ritual in maximum comfort.

The main benefits red light therapy will bring to your skin include:

  • Wound healing support
  • Treatment of acne, inflammations, seborrhea to eczema
  • Anti-aging
  • Support for collagen and elastin production for smooth and supple skin
  • Regeneration of skin cells
  • Reduction of pain in mimic muscles
  • Elimination of skin redness and calming

Red light therapy represents a very promising way to care for the skin gently, non-invasively, and even economically. WiththeReclar peeler, you can now take care of your skin from the comfort of your home, saving your precious time. Just a few minutes of care a day can rejuvenate your skin by several years. Try the galvanic peeler as soon as possible, if you are not satisfied within the 30-day testing period, we will refund your money. Light therapy is the future of skincare, be a step ahead, and your skin will shine.

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