Smysluplné darování - nenechte se vystresovat vánočními nákupy

Some of us love it, some hate it and some just ignore it, but somehow we all get involved. Yes, I am talking about holiday shopping, holiday gifting and generally stressful atmosphere we sometimes find ourselves in these days. Businesses love November and December, as their sales peak in this period, for shoppers on the other hand, spending money at these uncertain times can cause additional discomfort and stress. Let’s see how we can gift effectively, ecologically and meaningfully, while still giving love and care to our beloved.

Tip #1

Scratch the courtesy gifts or switch them for something useful

Have you been always gifting something small to your collagues, neighbours, teachers or clients? And do you receive countless of branded pens, scented candles, notepads or socks, that usually end up in the trash or cluttering your space? Try to avoid these altogether or gift something everyone will enjoy - like food! A good home-made jam, a really nice olive oil or a quality dark chocolate from your local farmers’ market will not only support small businesses in your vicinity, but will be most probably really appreciated (and eaten!) by the reciever.

Tip #2

Don’t get too excited by the cosmetic brands holiday offers

Holiday season in cosmetics is usually about who offers the biggest sale or more gifts with your purchase. Also, big trend of past several years are luxurious advent calendars made by different brands in all price ranges. But do you really need travel size of everything? It is really important to wage whether the offer is really good value for your money or is it just a bunch of stuff you would outherwise get for free or pay less for, if purchased separately. In this case, choose wisely and ask yourself - do you really need all the sample sizes products, a free lipstick or a second eye-shadow pallete or would it just create more chaos in your bathroom.

Tip #3

Make an action plan before you even go out shopping

Lists are great! Make a list of people you want to buy gifts for and also establish in advance, how much are you going to spend on each of them. This will help you manage your finances and not get carried away by the “value offers”, once you enter the shop. Making lists is also really relaxing (for some people), as it helps you see all your expenses black on white and brings the satisfaction of crossing things out, once you sort them. Online research or an advice from independent experts are great ways to save your money, time and nerves.

Tip #4

Shop eco-friendly, locally and in bulk

Since the lockdown most of us are used to shop almost entirely online. Have you noticed though how much packaging materials is used for each parcel and how much time it takes to manage all the deliveries and returns? It is a full-time job and a full recycling bin! Also in this case, the better you plan, the more you save. So, do your research before the Black Friday online madness starts, so you are ready for value shopping with your list (!) and no offer can drive you off your course. It is also an effective way to do all the online shopping at approximately the same time, meaning you will receive all your parcels at once as well. And if you are concened about the planet, try to organize your friends or colleagues and shop in bulk. This way there are way less packaging materials used and the shipping costs are minimized.

Tip #5

Give the meaningful gift of beauty

When it comes to skincare and perfumes, these are still the most popular gifts of all times, but also the most compicated ones. In case you are not entirely sure what brands and products your loved ones use, the risk of getting it wrong is very high. In this sense, Reclar ritual peeleris a great way to gift a high-end and high-tech beauty product, compatible with any skincare routine. Reclar Peeler works with every skincare product, making it more effective thanks to galvanisation and LED light therapy. But first and foremost, it is a gift that lasts and brings beautiful skin day after day. With Reclar you have a guarantee of gifting long-lasting quality and beauty to all ages, genders and skin types.

We wish you a pleasant and stress-free holiday shopping!

Author: Asya Meytuv