Professional’s advice

Vilma Baum, a professional make-up artist and Make-up Institute Prague lecturer, has grown fond of our RECLAR galvanic peeler.

She spoke with  us about how to correctly care for your skin and that the basis of skincare is peeling, thus we had to share this information with you. So, we bring you a short but concise interview about peeling and its importance. 

Vilma, what comes to  mind when you hear the term “skin cleansing”?

For me, skin cleansing is one of the most important steps in skincare.

How would you generally describe the correct way to cleanse your skin?

I have  3-4 steps of cleansing in my evening routine.

First, I use a cleansing oil, then foam, soap or another cleansing emulsion, and then tone my skin with water.

On moistened skin, I use the essential process of exfoliation 2-3 times a week.

RECLAR Galvanic Peeler Gold proved the best for me. It’s necessary to sufficiently nourish your skin with your favourite serum or cream after using the peeler.

Why is peeling so important for you?

Because our skin heals and regenerates the most during the night when we sleep.

Our brain continues functioning after we fall asleep, which means that blood circulation increases and thus boosting the creation of collagen, and our skin regenerates and heals.

That’s why your skin has to be thoroughly cleansed and all dead cells removed. Only then can all the precious serums and creams function in the most effective way possible and heal some impurities that were created during the day. Basically, we have simplified the way for   creams to get to the bottom of the problem by thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating our skin. This way, they don’t stay only on the surface.

How important is skin peeling/exfoliating from your point of view as a professional Make-up artist?

Skin cleansing and peeling are equally crucial before applying make-up. Naturally, we all strive to have perfect skin. I think it’s the most beautiful and precious thing we have.

Our skin is our largest organ, and I definitely don’t want to hide it under a copious amount of make-up. I strive to have my skin as beautiful as possible in its natural state and use make-up only to emphasise that beauty.

Clean skin = healthy skin = beautiful skin.

Thank you for interview.