What are the benefits of Peeler PLUS 24k Gold?(3 min. reading)

It utilizes the effects of gold, has an enhanced booster peeling, a larger light lens, and is technically more advanced!

You often ask us about the difference between the two Reclar ritual peelers we offer on our e-shop, specifically the Peeler Silver and Peeler Plus 24k Gold with the gold head. So, what are the real advantages of a ritual Peeler Plus? Right at the outset, we can highlight primarily the antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties of gold, greater conductivity, and therefore a stronger galvanization. Additionally, the Peeler Plus 24k Gold incorporates a larger light lens, enabling a more effective booster peel for the T-zone and offering additional battery light indication. Let’s take a closer look at both devices and their specific features.

Technology and research are advancing at an incredible pace, and what is modern and advanced today may become outdated in a few months. Just look at all electronics, like mobile phones, TVs, or smartwatches, where manufacturers introduce new features each year that are even better tailored to customer needs. The same applies to cosmetics. Over time, the peeler has evolved for even greater user comfort and efficiency. Yet, the owners decided to continue producing its basic version, which has also undergone a significant transformation over time and today sells its most advanced version. The basic version of the Reclar peeler is still at the forefront of home peelers compared to the global competition. The primary functions offered by the devices are the same - ultrasonic peeling, galvanization, and light therapy with healing blue light and rejuvenating red light.

With their healing power, both devices match much more expensive and larger devices from beauty salons. Both devices are similarly sized and fit beautifully even in a smaller lady's hand. Thanks to their compactness, they are also suitable for traveling. Although both devices are highly effective, there are a few differences between them, with the Peeler Plus being slightly more efficient and providing greater comfort to its users.

The main differences we touched on at the very beginning. The first visible difference, which cannot be overlooked, is their head. While the Silver peeler - as the name suggests - has a silver head. The Peeler Plushas a 24-karat gold head, which inherently offers many useful properties. Gold has strong antibacterial properties and therefore has a self-cleaning effect. It has been proven to beneficially affect our skin, is hypoallergenic, and highly gentle even on sensitive skin suffering from open sores, scratched acne, or rosacea (rosacea). The gold blade does not require any special cleaning; it is sufficient to wipe it with the provided cloth after each use, so no special maintenance is needed. Gold also has higher conductivity than silver, therefore enhancing the effects of galvanization.

Among other important advantages of the Peeler Plus are definitely its enlarged lens by a whole 40%, through which red and blue light can reach a larger part of the face and ensures the penetration of light to greater depth on a larger surface. The more expensive version of the peeler also offers a booster peeling, which is set by default to one minute and is designed for cleaning the dreaded T-zone, which tends to be oilier and is usually more problematic. Unlike its predecessor, the Plus also has a built-in battery indicator, which timely alerts you when it is appropriate to charge the device. You can avoid situations when you want to use the device and suddenly find that you have not charged it for a long time and the device has run out of energy.

What enriches the Peeler Plus:

  • Gold head - gold is antibacterial and has a self-cleaning capability; it is also hypoallergenic and suitable for treating skin with open wounds, acne, and rosacea
  • Gold is more conductive and therefore enhances the effects of galvanization
  • The lens is enlarged by 40%, allowing red and blue light to reach a significantly larger part of the face, making the entire healing process much more effective
  • The Plus peeler also offers a so-called booster peel, which is set to 1 minute for cleaning the oilier and more problematic T-zone
  • Enhanced durability of the gold head
  • Extended battery life
  • The device has a built-in battery indicator, alerting you when it's time to charge
  • Charging via a standard USB-C cable

The stronger effects of the Peeler Plus are undeniable, yet even if you decide to go for the more economical basic version, you will certainly see visible results. If you suffer from more sensitive or problematic skin with acne, dermatological tests recommend choosing the Plus gold version, which is more effective and also, due to its gold head, does not risk transferring infection or bacteria to other areas of the face. We also recommend choosing the Plus version for those who want to see the first results a bit faster or want to provide their skin with the best care. Whichever device you choose, we believe you will be satisfied. And if, for any reason, the improvement in your skin condition does not occur, we will refund your money within 30 days. Healing your skin can be easier and cheaper than you thought.